About us

Krashna what..?

Krashna Musika! Or in other words: ‘Lovely Music’ ! Consisting of a symphony orchestra, a choir and several chamber music ensembles we are the student society for classical music in Delft. What do we have in common? That we enjoy playing beautiful music together. And that we like to have a good time!


Each year, under the guidance of our two professional and enthusiastic conductors, we give at least two big concerts with the symphonic orchestra and the choir. What we play varies from world-renowned pieces to unfamiliar diamonds in the world of classical music. In the past years for example we have performed works by Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Puccini, Fauré and Bach, but we have also surprised our audience with modern classical music such as a Czech ‘musical’ by Martinů and a wonderful requiem by Daley, which really gave everybody goose bumps. And let’s not forget: at our last lustrum we brought the opera Carmen by Bizet to live with musicians and actors in five virtually sold-out performances at the Auditorium of the TU Delft!

Besides the symphonic orchestra and the choir we also have a chamber orchestra and a chamber choir. These offer our more advanced members the opportunity to rise to the challenge and musically develop themselves even more. The chamber orchestra and the chamber choir have their own special concert programmes.

Furthermore we organize chamber music evenings at X and lunch concerts at the faculties of the TU Delft, where our members can perform self-selected pieces with music ensembles that they have created for the occasion. Additionally we sing Christmas carols at the always cozy ‘Lichtjesavond’ (‘evening of lights’) in Delft, we perform regularly at the Free Try Out evenings at X and on occasion we perform in the streets to inspire people to attend our upcoming concerts.

Last but not least: every other year we organize an international tour, in which we seize the opportunity to perform for an international audience and have a wonderful time abroad!


The symphonic orchestra and the choir have weekly rehearsals throughout the year (with the exception of holidays). In addition we have for each big concert a fun and intensive rehearsal weekend with everybody. One of these weekends takes place at a large farmers complex in the province of Noord-Brabant, were can go wild musically and in other ways, without being disturbed.

Besides making music we love doing other fun things together. After the rehearsals we have drinks together, we often organize parties and every so often a formal ball, and once year we go on a sailing week together in the province of Friesland.

Furthermore we of course have lots of fun committees in which our members take part, such as the committee for our magazine (the Krakra), the committee for selecting new repertoire (the RepCie), the Activities Committee, which organizes parties and other entertaining activities, and many other committees.

Do you enjoy playing music and having fun with a lot of nice people?

Then Krashna Musika might be the society for you!