Chamber Orchestra

Orchestra members regularly organise chamber orchestra projects as well. With KrashKO (Krashna Chamber Orchestra), members play in a smaller orchestra conducted by varying (young) conductors. With challenging programs (from Beethoven to Poulenc), special children concerts (Peter and the Wolf) and a compact rehearsal schedule, these projects are always especially awesome.


In 2024, after a long wait, it's finally time for a new edition of krashko: KrashKO24! The theme of this project is "Samen" (together), which applies in several areas: making music together, spending time together and interacting (together) with society.

We will be giving concerts in an asylum center and a church in or near Delft. In this way we strive to create a connection between our music and different groups of society. What is special about this particular project is that we will play and rehearse without a conductor. Instead, the artistic leadership lies with a professional concertmaster: Johan Olof! We will also collaborate with young professional soloists and wonderful master class teachers, almost all of whom already have a connection with Krashna.

Concert dates:
  • 1 June 2024: Concert in AZC
  • 2 June 2024: Concert in church

This time around, our program will feature two pieces:

W. A. Mozart - Sinfonia concertante in Eb major, Kv. 297b

Sinfonia concertante is a 30-minute piece written for chamber orchestra and four soloists (oboe, clarinet, french horn, bassoon). It is a popular piece with interesting instrumentation in the solo parts, and it is ideally suited to playing without a conductor. In this piece, the orchestra and the soloists have a lot in common because of the way the parts alternate and respond to each other.

L. Cherubini - Symphony in D major

Cherubini was a contemporary of Beethoven, who had lots of praise for him. Fittingly, this symphony was played at the funeral of none other than Beethoven himself. Cherubini began with operas, but switched to composing chamber music later in his life. He wrote this symphony on commission by the Royal Philharmonic Society of London. It is a dynamic work which is not that well known yet in the Netherlands. In this piece, all instruments have a lot to do, making it ideal for us to play together with all members of KrashKO24.

Meet our new mascot, the KrashKoala:

Chamber Orchestra