Here follows a list of our committees:

AcquiCie: The Acquisition committee is responsible for finding funds for our concerts. They are also involved in finding general sponsors for the association. Contact:

Axie: The Activities committee organizes parties and fun activities to maintain the “gezelligheid” in Krashna. Contact:

Advisory Board: The Advisory Board helps in evaluation and gives advice. Contact:

Ensemble Committee: The ensemble committee manages the hired ensembles for music at external activities like balls and gatherings. Contact:

GalaCie: The ball committee organizes a dress-ball for members. There is a ball approximately every two years. Contact:

KakoCie: The chamber choir committee organizes the concerts for the chamber choir. Contact:

KaMuCie: Every year the chamber music committee organises among other events ca. six chamber concerts where chamber music ensembles of Krashna Musika have an opportunity to perform. They also organise a masterclass every year in May or June. Contact:

KasCo: The cash control committee gives advice to and controls the work of the treasurer. Contact:

KRAK: The recording committee provides recordings and produces CDs of the majority of concerts, which are then sold among the members. Contact:

KraKra: The Krashna newspaper committee publishes 5 or 6 magazines per year including interviews with Krashna members, pieces about our events and other interesting content. Contact:

KrashKo: The chamber orchestra committee is responsible for organising projects with a chamber orchestra. Contact:

LuCie: The Lustrum committee organises all kinds of special activities during the lustrum year. They are responsible for making the year extra epic! Contact:

OWeeCie: The OWee committee arranges all activities during the annual OWee to get as many new members for the association as possible. Contact:

PubliCie: The Publicity committee is responsible for promotion about concerts. They design posters and flyers and send promotion texts to various news instances. Contact: []mailto:(

RepCie: The Repertoire committee decides on the programme performed at the annual spring- and autumn concerts of the choir and orchestra. Contact:

TourCie: The Tour committee plans our biennial summer tours, from preparation before the tour to leadership on tour. Contact:

WebCie: The Website committee keeps the Krashna website up to date and keeps working to improve it. Contact:

WieCie: The weekend committee organises rehearsal weekends and days. Once a year, Krashna has an external rehearsal weekend in Brabant. Contact:

ZeilCie: The sailweek committee organises an annual sailweek in the beginning of July, right after the exams. Contact: