Nederland in Concert - Aula TU Delft

21-12-2019, 20:15

Delft's students present Dutch compositions

The Delft Student Music Association Krashna Musika gives a concert with the theme "Dutch Music". We will perform a varying program with pieces of Dutch composers, among others Van Gilse, Wagenaar and De Klerk. Besides, world première "In de Blauwe Nacht" by Reza Namavar will be played. This piece is specifically written for student orchestras, and Krashna is one of the twelve that will perform it.

The choir will take care of the program before the break and let hear three different works. "Caelestis Urbs Jerusalem" is composed by Alphons Diepenbrock, a componist who also joyed himself with writing and teaching. Completely autodidact, he has written several compositions, mostly with church music as inspiration. Daan Mannekes Psalm 122 will be sung. Manneke, born in Zeeland, was both a composer and organist. He has followed several music related studies and also taught himself at the Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam. He claims Psalm 122 is a joyful piece that could also be described as "dance music". To conclude the first part of the concert, "Stabat Mater" by Albert de Klerk be performed, at which part of the orchestra and soloists Florieke Beelen and Arco Mandemaker will reinforce the choir.

After the break, the orchestra will enter the stage and perform a very special piece. "In de Blauwe Nacht" is a composition written for Dutch Student music associations and will be performed twelve times (!) this fall. Reza Namavar, composer of this impressive music, says evolution is the central theme of his work. The orchestra will continue the program with the Ouverture of Cyrano de Bergerac, composed by Johan Wagenaar. Wagenaar was born in Utrecht and became organist of the famous Dome church in 1888. He has written many compositions during his life, in which one could distinctly recognize an authentic style. Jan van Gilse is the last composer. Born in Rotterdam, he went to Keulen for the conservatorium when he was only sixteen years old. During his study, he has written his First and Second symphony, of which we will play the second one.

A beautiful and varying program, consisting of Dutch compositions, performed by Delfts students with a great passion for music. You definitely don’t want to miss this!