Lunch concerts at faculties and chamber music concert

31-3-2019, 19:30
Free entrance!

In the week of 24-29 March, lunch concerts will be organised at several faculties around the TU Delft. Students and employees of those faculties are warmly invited to play here. The concerts will be at the following dates and locations:

  • TNW-Zuid (central hall, balcony), Wednesday 20 March
  • EWI (hall on the right of the entrance), Monday 25 March
  • 3ME (across hall A), Friday 29 March

On the Sunday that week, 31 March, there will be a final chamber music concert at X, starting at 19:30. Entrance will be free. Besides the 'regular' chamber music ensembles, there will be no less than three chamber orchestras, playing a self-composed work, Gulda's cello concerto and Villa Lobos. This will certainly be worth listening to!