5-7-2023, 19:30


Krashna is having a birthday! She will celebrate her 55th birthday this summer with a spectacular concert series featuring Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and Prokofiev's Seventh Symphony. A total of 200 musicians will be performing on stage for this event! Krashna is collaborating with Elise van Es, Jan-Willem Schaafsma, Jan Willem van der Hagen, and the Breda Choir Academy for this celebration, under the direction of Ruben de Grauw and Stijn Berkouwer.

200 musicians on stage

The opening movement of Carmina Burana, "O Fortuna," is a piece that most people have heard before. The work is based on the medieval manuscript Carmina Burana, which contains poems and songs in Latin and Middle High German about love, fate, drinking, gambling, and religious themes. Carl Orff composed music for these texts but also wanted the use of decor, lighting, and theater to be included in his works. Krashna will incorporate these elements to make a true lustrum-worthy performance.

Carmina Burana is written for choir, orchestra, and two pianos, and will be conducted by Ruben de Grauw. It is a piece that has everything, and Krashna will work with three talented soloists and a children's choir. A total of 200 musicians will be performing on stage! Before intermission, Krashna's orchestra will perform Prokofiev's Seventh Symphony under the direction of Stijn Berkouwer. Prokofiev completed this symphony shortly before his death, and it has a lyrical and innocent, yet melancholic character. Let yourself be carried away by the beautiful melodies.

Aula TU Delft

Krashna will welcome you to the Aula of the TU Delft for this celebration. The campus is a familiar place for Krashna's members, where a large part of our student life takes place. We warmly welcome you to our lustrum celebration in this location.