Since 1968, Krashna has been driven by the never-ending enthusiasm of the students in the association. To make our concerts, master classes and tours possible, financial support is of utmost importance. By becoming a donator of Krashna, you can support Krashna and therewith contribute to persistence of a unique music association. As donator it is also possible to get more information about our concerts.

Donator of Krashna

As donator of Krashna you are entitled to extra free tickets for our concerts, provided you donate more than a predetermined amount each year. At a donation of more than €50.- per academic year you can receive two free tickets to our concerts. If you send an email to, we can send you an authorization form. You can send a signed form back to us. It is also possible to transfer your donation directly to our account NL55 RABO 0313 4648 47 of DSMG Krashna Musika. Please mention “Donateur van Krashna” and your name when you transfer the donation. If you would like to receive your free tickets, please send us an email.