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Would you like to join Krashna Musika?

We are always open for new members. In March, we’ll be holding open rehearsals again and invite everyone to join us! Interested? Sign up for the interest form and we'll update you when the open rehearsals will be. For further questions, please send us an email.

Want to join the Krashna Choir?

Sign up for the interest list. We'll keep you updated about open rehearsals and how to sign up for Krashna.

The choir is open to singers of all levels. Our mix of experienced and starting singers, together with our great conductor makes our choir accessible for everyone. You are always welcome to come and sing along. Please do let us know via email when you are coming. Depending on how far we are in our current project, you might still be able to join the project.

Rehearsals are on Wednesday from 19:30 till 22:00 at X of the TU Delft.

Want to join the Krashna Symphony Orchestra?

Sign up for the interest list. We'll keep you updated about open rehearsals and how to sign up for Krashna.

The symphony orchestra is often looking for new members. Since we are a student orchestra, the orchestra members are refreshed quite often due to students graduating. If you would like to join the orchestra, please send us an email so we can see if a position will open up for you. To participate, you will have to do an audition so we can gauge your level. You will have to prepare some pieces for this audition.

Rehearsals are Monday from 19:30 till 22:30 at X of the TU Delft.\

Want to join the Krashna Chamber Music Department?

The chamber music department is always looking for new members. This part of the association is a 'by members for members' department. Here, you can be as active as you'd like and you can perform together with acquaintances at our chamber music concerts. If you'd like to perform, you can organize your performance yourself and gather a group of fun and enthusiastic people to make beautiful and inspiring music. Do you want to sign up, or are you looking for further information? Contact us via!

General information/FAQs

When are the rehearsals?

The choir and the orchestra both rehearse on weekly basis. The orchestra rehearses on Monday (19:30-22:30) and the choir on Wednesday (19:30-22:00). This way it is possible to participate in both parts of the association. All the rehearsals take place at X. After rehearsals there is always the possibility to grab some drinks together.

Are there other activities outside of rehearsals?

Besides the regular rehearsals we have a rehearsal weekend twice a year. During these weekends we work hard on the current projects as well as party and have fun. Krashna is not only a music association, but switches into a sailing association once every two years. Other sport activities are practiced by our members such as soccer and beach volleyball. Krashna also participates in the annual inter orchestral soccer day. When we near the summer holidays there is often a larger project. This year we went to Paris and Tours (France). Next year we will have the 11th lustrum project which promises to be an amazing experience. All these different activities could not take place without the hard work of multiple committees. Being part of a committee is a fun way to get to know people and work on personal development which is strongly encouraged within the association. This way you get to know a lot of other members quickly.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people who enjoy making music in small or larger groups. This can be done by singing in the choir, participating in chamber music events or by playing in the orchestra. In the choir everybody is allowed to participate. No audition is required, however having fun is a must!

For the orchestra there are auditions. At the moment we are looking for the following instruments:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double basses
  • Horn
  • Flute (1 permanent spot and one temporary spot until February)
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • Trumpet (1 temporary spot until February)

What’s on the program for this year?

In the first large project of 2022-2023, the orchestra will play Mahler's 5th symphony and the choir will sing the Requiem by Fauré. Moreover, both the choir and orchestra will be the backing of the boyband FOURCE during a Christmas concert. A smaller side project for the first semester is of an educational nature: a chamber orchestra will give two shows of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev together with a storyteller. Since it will be our 11th lustrum coming year, we will work on a grand lustrum project in the second semester. It will consist of a series of 5 concerts that will sparkle the audience’s imagination by combining nature, technical innovations, choir, orchestra and chamber music.

Is there a place to do some private practicing?

As a member of Krashna Musika we will automatically provide you with an X membership (12 months). This means you will be able to use the facilities of the sports and culture centre. Here one can also find rehearsal spots for if you do not wish to disturb your roommates too much.