Krashna Musika connects students from many disciplines via music. We rehearse on a weekly basis and we have a concert series twice a year, where we present the pieces we rehearsed. This music also connects Krashna Musika with its partners, who also receive tickets for our concert series. Moreover, partners can approach our audience by placing an advertisement in our program booklets, or by allowing us to place their logo on our posters and fliers during the promotion of our concerts.

Krashna Musika also has a chamber music department which organizes concerts where anyone can get a stage for his/her/their own music. The ensembles can be anything from a string quartet, a wind quintet all the way to a-Capella singers. Krashna Musica can also organize ensembles to perform at occasions such as weddings, company-drinks and company-dinners. This option is not only available for our partners, but also for individuals and other companies. Go to this page for more information.

Krashna’s current partners are the TU Delft and expansion. If you are interested in becoming a partner of Krashna Musika, please feel free to contact us!