Lustrum Tour 2018

This summer, D.S.M.G. Krashna Musika will go on tour for a week to Vienna, Bratislava and Brno! On Friday July 6th, the choir and orchestra will travel to Bratislava by bus, where they will stay for the first three days. From there, they will continue their journey to Vienna and Brno. The repertoire consists of classical music, but is accessible to everyone. The tour will be concluded with a concert in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam.

Krashna Tour 2018

Concert program

Monday, 9 July: evening concert in Slovak Radio Building in Bratislava
Tuesday, 10 July: concert at Schotten Kirche in Vienna
Wednesday, 11 July: afternoon concert in front of Church of St. Thomas in Brno
Thursday, 12 July: evening concert at Kuppelsaal in Vienna
Sunday, 15 July: afternoon concert at Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ in Amsterdam (see this page for more information).

The admission for concerts in Bratislava, Vienna and Brno is free!


The second symphony by the Russian composer Sergej Rachmaninov, one of the most important composers and pianists of the 20st century. In 1908, the symphony was performed for the first time and received high praise. Ten months after the première, he received the Glinka award for this successful piece. The symphony is meant for a complete orchestra and consists of four parts, following the Russian symphonic tradition.

Mass On. 77 in B flat by the Austrian composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel, although he was born in in Bratislava. He was the last representative of Viennese classical music and influenced the young composers of the romantic area. During his carrier, he was taught by Mozart, Haydn and Salieri. The effect of these classical Viennese influences can be heard in his symphony, which perfectly fits the destination of this lustrum tour.

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