Concert agenda

Krashna’s upcoming concerts are:
March 26th – Chamber music concert in Unit Culture, TU Delft
April 8th – Matthäus Passion in the Aula of the TU Delft
June 3th – Masterclass day and chamber music concert in Unit Culture, TU Delft
June 16th – Concert in the Prinsekerk, Rotterdam
June 17th – Concert in the Vredeskerk, Delft

Tickets for the Matthäus Passion can be ordered here.

As soon as more information about these concerts is available, it will be available via a link on this page.

Chamber music concert and campus concerts

On Sunday evening March 26th there will be another chamber music concert, starting at 19:30 in the great hall (2.32) of Unit Culture (Mekelweg 10). The entrance is free! The programme contains among others a cello sonata by Brahms, a trio by Glinka for clarinet, cello and piano and Dvořák’s first string quartet.
This concert is the conclusion of a series of lunch concerts at the TU campus. In the week of 20 March we visit a number of faculties:

  • EEMCS hall downstairs  –  Mo 20 March
  • Applied Physics “huiskamer” (next to VvTP)  –  Tue 21 March
  • 3mE entrance hall  –  Thu 23 March

The lunch concerts are approx. 12:40 – 13:40. Next to Krashna members, also employees and students of the faculties will perform.

Matthäus Passion Delft 8 april 2017

The Dutch passion-tradition has started, once upon a time, in Delft, and Krashna Musika is honored to contribute to that. For that reason, we will perform the Matthäus Passion by Johann Sebestian Bach this year. The over 100 musicians (divided among two orchestras and two choirs) do dozens of different studies, ranging from conservatory to Architecture, but they have one thing in common: their passion for music.

The student musicians are conducted by professional conductor Ruben de Grauw, and the concert will take place in the Aula of the TU Delft. Thanks to the Aula’s beautiful acoustics, the musicians’ joy and the music’s strength, it promises to be a special concert.

Come to the Passion of Krashna on April 8th at 19:30 and enjoy the music together with us!

Collaborating with the Matthäus Passion are the Academy of Vocal Arts and the following solists:
Anneke Bliek – Soprano
Florieke Beelen – Alto
Peter Vos – Tenor (aria’s)
Roel Willems – Tenor (evangelist)
Berend Eijkhout – Bass (Christus)
Marcel van Dieren – Bass (aria’s)
Mark van Nispen – Organ
Annelies Poortvliet – Viola da Gamba

Tickets can be ordered here.


Masterclass day & Chamber music concert
Saturday the 3rd of June Krashna organises a day of masterclasses in collaboration with the Delft Chamber Music Festival. On this day, between 10:00 and 17:00 we will welcome four professional chamber music musicians at Unit Culture (Mekelweg 10):

  • Kathelijn van Dongen (soprano)
  • Mutsumi Watanabe (clarinet)
  • Ioan Haffner (violin)
  • Rutger de Ronde (piano)

Ensembles can subscribe for an hour of coaching by one of these musicians. Click here to subscribe your ensemble. The subscription deadline is the 26th of May. All masterclasses can be spectated for free. Visitors are warmly invited!

During the day there will also be a public workshop. More information on the workshop will follow soon.

In the evening of the same day, at 19:30, the masterclass participants will present their music on the concluding chamber music concert. Additionally, three of the masterclass teachers will be on the programme: Mutsumi, Ioan and Rutger together are Ensemble MIR. In the evening they will perform as a trio. Entrance to the concert is free, just like with our other chamber music concerts.

In the weeks before the masterclass day we offer a special programme to musicians who are not yet very experienced in playing together as a chamber music ensemble. Experienced Krashna members will provide three weeks of coaching  one hour a week. You can participate either when you are an ensemble who likes to receive additional coaching in rehearsing a piece of music, but also when you have never before played in a chamber music ensemble but would like to try it.

Does this appeal to you? Subscribe here! (Dutch only) The deadline is the 14th of April.

We’ll do our best to place everyone who subscribes without an ensemble in an ensemble. After the registration period is closed, we’ll let you know whether we managed to place you. The exact date and time of the lessons will be determined afterwards in consultation.

Price overview (per person)
Pre-masterclasses: €30,-
Masterclass participation: €25,- / €15,- for members (incl. lunch)
Masterclass spectator: free
Workshop: €5,- / free for masterclass participants
Concert: free

For questions, contact us:

Chamber music concert

Sunday evening the 26th of February, the third chamber music concert of this year will take place. This is also the first evening of Carnaval, so the theme is an obvious one.

Just like last time, the concert starts at 19:30, this went down well last time. The location is the great hall (2.32) of Unit Culture (Mekelweg 10), and the entrance is free.

The programme contains works from the Baroque period as well as Romantic music, such as the last movement of Dvořák’s Dumky Trio and Chopin’s first Ballade.


Autumn concerts 2016

20161108_krashna_beyondtheunknownOur autumn concerts this year are in the theme of celestial bodies and the supernatural. Experience how the planets can influence the human psyche in The Planets by Gustav Holst. Join the god Apollo as he works as a farmhand among the mortal population in Förklädd Gud (god in disguise) by Lars-Erik Larsson. Be taken to the infinite light in the short a capella pieces Lux AurumqueStars and The Light we Cast.

The Planets will be performed by our symphony orchestra conducted by Daan Admiraal. Förklädd Gud will be performed by our choir and a section of our orchestra conducted by Ruben the Grauw.

All information on the program and the concert dates can be found concisely below:
Gustav Holst – The Planets
Lars-erik Larsson – Förklädd Gud
Eric Whitacre – Lux Aurumque
Jessica Curry – The Light we Cast
Eriks Esenvalds – Stars

16th of December – Elandstraatkerk, The Hague    (Elandstraat 194)
17th of December – Auditorium TU Aula, Delft       (Mekelweg 5)
Both concerts start at 20:15

Out with the old and in with the new!

We have used our self-made website for quite some time, but it’s about time to renew the website. With pride, we present the new website! We are still busy polishing the last few bits, and some mistakes could still be hidden where we haven’t looked yet. Let us know if you spot something! If you have any questions, please contact us.